Work in Progress

“Multiproduct Multinationals, Innovation Strategies, and Firm Performance” (with S. Bakhtiari, A. Minniti)

“Sequential Supply Chains, Property Rights, and the Nonappropriability of Intellectual Assets” (with S. Bolatto, G. Ottaviano, K. Zajc)

“Exclusive Contracts and Supplier Selection in Global Supply Chains” (with G. Calzolari, J.M. Mansilla-Fernandez)

“Mecca or Mechanization: Islam and Innovation in Historical Spain” (with F. Cinnirella, G.Prarolo)

“The Fallacy of Intellectual Property Rights in Islamic Law” (with G. Pignataro)

“Attracting Global Talents: Immigration policy, Inventor Mobility, and Imitation” (with O. Ivus)